Divi Abstract Lines to Frame Your Content

Divi allows you to create abstract lines in many different ways using the Visual Builder. Dividers, Borders, Background Gradients, and Box Shadows all have the options you need. And if you get a little creative with the spacing, you can use a combination of all these elements to frame your content in creative ways.
Divi Abstract Lines to Frame Your Content

Design Inspiration

The inspiration behind this design came from Divi’s Cryptocurrency Layout Pack. The About page layout features a unique design with header background image of connecting lines that continues down the page to divide the two column grid layout right down the middle. So I decided to explore the concept of using Divi to add lines that frame the content a bit more and add a little flare to the overall design. The main highlight of this design is the use of the Divider Module. I discovered the Divider module is not limited to creating horizontal lines with a single color. Actually, with a few tweaks, you can create vertical lines with background gradients as well!

All You Need is Divi

The only thing you will need for this tutorial is Divi. I will be using the Cryptocurrency About Page Layout to provide the base of our design. Then I will be customizing the settings of sections, rows, and modules to complete the design.