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    • F1 Kalender Tv Tider Säsong 2018
      • Tysklands GP körs 20 – 22 juli

        Fredag 20 juli: Practice 1: 11.00 | Practice 2: 15.00

        Lördag 21 juli: Practice 3: 12.00 | Qualify: 15.00

        Söndag 22 juli: Race 15.10

      • Sändningsstart på Viasat

        Practice: 5 minuter innan start.
        Qualify: 30 minuter innan start
        Race: 55 minuter innan start

        (Racen startar 10 över, inte heltimma)

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        All the time we spend developing mechanical and aerodynamic grip is directed at developing more traction from the tyre. This makes the tyres a logical place in which to start a discussion on car setup. The tyre is the only part of the car that the track “sees” and thus makes it the most important part of a cars handling.

      • Driver Behaviors

        Since the release of rFactor many of us did a lot of online racing with it. The charm of racing human people instead of AI however sometimes gets overshadowed by differing interpretations of driving etiquette and limitations of the sim we drive. Some golden rules of racing which are set in real-life racing apply to online sim racing as well.

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