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To say September was a busy month for us would probably be the understatement of the year. Last time we already hinted at some big news, and the release of no less than three free, iconic McLaren race [...]

Hot on the tail of the three car pack we released yesterday is the start of one of the world’s most intense and demanding competitions for virtual racers. Last year, rFactor 2 winner Rudy van Buren wo [...]

Don´t just admire Icons – become one! The motorsport world is full of heroic stories, iconic cars and unbelievable moments of success. Many of these tales include McLaren. How many times do we as simr [...]

Sometimes you look at the calendar and realize that time can fly past faster than our LMP2 cars ingame. It’s already end of August and we have been so busy with working on rFactor 2 that there is no R [...]

We’re excited when it’s time to release content, or in this case re-release content that’s been updated and improved with all the latest weather and DX11 effects – adding quality, compatible content t [...]

Realism, ‘real life’, “RL” – big words that perpetually bounce off the walls of the simracing interwebs. The community demands ever more realism, and studios respond by investing considerable sums int [...]

And now for the big one, Sebring! Since taking over the development of rFactor 2, our goals have been clear: take an already incredible simulation as a base and move the bar higher, push new and excit [...]

This month, we wanted to surprise you all by releasing the roadmap update a bit earlier than usual because we have quite a few things to announce, so let’s get started! Upcoming Events First of all, w [...]

Ethanol Powered ‘Little Monsters’ We at Studio 397 love all kind of raw racing and motorsport. The good ol’ times of Formula racing are without a doubt, a time where racing was at its purest. The cars [...]

June has been an eventful month. We released the Endurance Pack and we’re still in the middle of the Steam Summer Sale, which discounts the simulation and the different content packs and offers a nice [...]

When the second Early Access build of Assetto Corsa Competizione was released just about a week ago, especially in the VR department, things were not quite 100%. Kunos Simulazioni now comes to rescue [...]

It is already time for the second build of Assetto Corsa Competizione! Kunos Simulazioni is keeping everything right on schedule and has released Assetto Corsa Competizione build 2 on Steam, adding th [...]

This month’s Gran Turismo Sport content update comes a little earlier than expected which makes it no less sizeable though. An iconic Japanese track and nine classic cars are part of the menu this tim [...]

After some rather unambiguous teasing on Twitter, Codemasters has lifted the curtains of the eagerly awaited DiRT Rally successor – DiRT Rally 2.0! What We Know So Far Release Date As of now, February [...]

A newcomer has entered the #SimRacing ring! Dakar 18, developed by Portuguese Bigmoon Entertainment as the official game accompanying the infamous Dakar Rally, is now available for purchase! What’s on [...]

Regarding Ride 3, there are actually two pieces of news to report. The (literally) biggest of which is the full list of bikes available at launch, which has now officially been revealed. But First, Re [...]

SimRacing Expo has come to an end, and as promised, it has done so with three new announcements made for rFactor 2! Announcement #1 Three free McLarens! With the McLaren M23 being the only one that we [...]

We knew that some things were going on at Reiza Studios, but with Automobilista development wrapped up, we can only speculate as to what is cooking. (the recent teaser did not exactly give much away e [...]

Sims require updates, and F1 2018 marks no exception. A few weeks have now passed by since Codemasters’ latest title launched and by now, two patches have landed. Both patches mainly contain bug fixes [...]

The day has come, the second public sim to carry the Assetto Corsa badge has now entered Steam Early Access, and is available for you to purchase! A reminder, How the Assetto Corsa Competizione Early [...]

Kunos Simulazioni’s upcoming Assetto Corsa Competizione title had a major presence at last week’s Spa Total 24 Hours race, giving many sim racers the chance to get hands-on with the title ahead of its [...]

Codemasters have released the first official gameplay trailer of their F1 2018 title that is due to hit the shelves in 24 days time. The post Watch The First F1 2018 Gameplay Trailer appeared first on [...]

Polyphony Digital has launched the 1.23 version update for Gran Turismo Sport, introducing seven new cars. The post New Gran Turismo Sport Update Launched appeared first on VirtualR.net - 100% Indepen [...]

As we edge closer to F1 2018's release in less than a month, four new previews of Codemasters' upcoming title have surfaced. The post Check Out Four New F1 2018 Previews appeared first on Vi [...]

As promised yesterday, Studio 397 has released the Sebring International Raceway for rFactor 2. The post Sebring for rFactor 2 – Now Available for Purchase appeared first on VirtualR.net - 100% Indepe [...]

Kunos Simulazioni has dropped the Assetto Corsa Competizione Early Access Release date as the new title will be available on Steam starting September 12. The post Assetto Corsa Competizione Early Acce [...]

Studio 397 has released a new update for rFactor 2, bringing plenty of physics changes to the simulation. The post New rFactor 2 Update Available appeared first on VirtualR.net - 100% Independent Sim [...]

Gary Paterson has released his 2005 Ford Transit for Assetto Corsa, bringing a very unusual vehicle to the simulation. The post 2005 Ford Transit for Assetto Corsa – Now Available appeared first on Vi [...]

Studio 937 has announced collaboration with Reiza Studios that will see plenty of the Brazilian studios' popular content make it into the rFactor 2 platform. The post Reiza Studios Pack Coming to [...]

Red Bull Games have released three brand new Assetto Corsa Competizione previews, allowing us to take a little look behind the scenes of the upcoming title. The post Check Out Three Brand New Assetto [...]

Hi all, For me rfactor2 remains one of the best simulations around and it's getting better and better. However, why is there no work on surround sound? As one can read in many threads, there is s [...]

View attachment 274440 View attachment 274441 View attachment 274442 View attachment 274443 View attachment 274444 View attachment 274445 Probably one of the finest sim racing mod tracks today, we che [...]

Hey guys. Thought I’d create a thread for those taking the plunge into this brilliant DIY project.. I will be starting mine soon and I know there are others thinking about it.. so feel free to share y [...]

View attachment 274112 Do not worry folks, this is just to make things easier for me because I have not had a chance to do any preparation for this week's event - we shall be returning to the mul [...]

View attachment 274286 Struggling McLaren Renault driver Stoffel Vandoorne has signed to race with the HWA Formula E team next season, ending a largely disappointing start to his Formula One career. M [...]

View attachment 273275 This week we are racing at one of the most internationally renowned circuits "Donington Park" we will be using the "National" layout. This is a superb track, [...]

Iko Rein submitted a new resource: Telemetry Application v7.0 - Telemetry for Codemasters F1 2018 Hello All, New version for F1 2018. This still uses the LEGACY UDP data format. Key new things added M [...]

View attachment 274586 THQ Nordic have confirmed the console release of Wreckfest, scheduled for November 2018, has been delayed until early next year. Having spent several years in development on PC, [...]

Neys submitted a new resource: stracker - server side app for tracking laps and sessions, ptracker "sister app" Features: Server-side database (sqlite/postgresql) of all laps and sessions do [...]

The official movie of the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours will release this November, showcasing the 2018 running of arguably the most difficult racing event in motorsport. Set to release November 27th, the new [...]